Who we are

Till is being built by an energized group of young people (and a few older ones) committed to making sure every kid develops a healthy relationship with money. We believe this starts with the family and that each time a parent (or friend or family member) gives a kid money is a “teachable moment”. Add up all those “teachable moments” and kids enter the world with the habits, instincts, and financial skills to prosper.

Dad with kids on the left, teenage girl on the right

What Drives Us

  • Commitment

    Build a foundation of trust and follow-through to serve as the underpinning of a successful launch.

  • Community

    Harness the power of friends and family eager to help a parent raise a child ready for the world.

  • Capability

    Arm each young person with the full quiver of skills to take on the demands of modern economy.

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