A better way to give
your kids money

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Let's raise kids who are fiscally fit

Till is building a platform and suite of financial products that help families work better with money.

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What your kids will learn when you give them money with Till

  • Patience
    Saves consistently, spends wisely and always asks before buying, "is this worth it; do I really need it?”
  • Follow through
    Take agreements seriously, stick to your end of the bargain, and hold others accountable.
  • Planning
    Follow a budget and consider the future when saving, investing, and borrowing.

Till helps you raise kids with the habits, instincts, and skills to prosper

Build expectations into the giving

Easily attach the requirements for earning, saving, and spending to every dollar a kid gets. Follow-through and accountability are built in each time you give money.

Involve your whole community

Friends and family help save for college or something special rather send another unwanted present. And, then watch as their gifts add up to a meaningful result.

A roadmap from birth to launch

We'll share with you our research plus insights from other parents. We guide you each step of the way so you can rest assured you've taught your kids everything they need to know.

Real money, really safe

We believe in learning by doing. All of our debit cards, savings/checking accounts, and 529s are completely secure; backed by a 100% FDIC-insured bank.